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Readytex Art Gallery

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Maagdenstraat 44 , Centrum, Paramaribo, Suriname
(+597) 421-750

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Readytex crafts & souvenirs is a well known and well stocked craft and souvenir shop in Paramaribo, the bustling capital city of Suriname.

At Readytex crafts & souvenirs we offer typical Surinamese products as well as unique culturally inspired crafs that highlight the skills and creative talent of local crafters and artisans from various backgrounds. These products and traditional crafts made from local materials, for the most part also reflect the fascinating cultural diversity of Suriname.


Maroon and indigenous craft

Our maroon and indigenous product lines include among other things traditional and contemporary maroon objects, indigenous pottery and woven products still used in daily lives, the special Maluana discs made by Wayana tribesmembers and many other beautiful crafts and artifacts.


Designed in Suriname

Readytex crafts & souvenirs offers a large variety of popular and attractive ‘Suriname’ souvenirs showcasing our national symbols and our identifying monuments. We also design and develop a number of souvenirs in conjunction with local partner crafters and artists and proudly call this the ‘Designed in Suriname’ product line. Recent examples are: our limited edition poly resin replicas of typical Suriname wooden houses and our Malohkoh java mug embellished with Maroon Tembe artwork.


Art souvenirs

Our store also offers a number of products that bridge the gap between art and craft. In addition to handpainted Art bags and Art ties, Readytex craft & souvenirs also carries the popular Artwrap, a limited edition print on textile, which can be worn as a wrap. The Artwraps showcase prints of several works of fine art by visual artists represented in Readytex Art Gallery


Readytex Art Gallery is the most renowned, professionally operated art gallery in Paramaribo, the capital city of Suriname.


The gallery

Readytex Art Gallery, founded in 1993, sells and promotes a large variety of fine art created by skilled and talented Surinamese artists. In 2015 the gallery relocated to a four-story, beautifully renovated historical building to which a modern stone expansion has been added in the rear. This spacious new gallery home, previously owned by the Issa ancestors of the Readytex founders, is architecturally and historically speaking, a striking balance between the old and the new. It is also the perfect backdrop for the meaningful and engaging works of art produced by our highly ambitious partner artists.


Our collection

We stock a diverse collection of upwards of 500 works of art including paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and many other forms of mixed media art and installations. The works of art are displayed throughout our gallery in weekly rotating exhibitions and several times each year we host large solo exhibitions on the first floor. 


The artists

Readytex Art Gallery represents a number of partner artists and guest artists who are genuinely committed to their art. Our artists include young and talented upcoming artists, as well as internationally recognized artists in various stages of their careers. In addition to investing in effective and professional marketing of their art nationally and internationally, we also invest significant resources in the support and development of the artist’s goals and careers. By doing so we aim to ensure that each clients' art-purchase is not just a visual pleasure, but ultimately a sound long-term investment as well.



Art lovers worldwide can learn about the artists, their work and their events, and enjoy as well as purchase art from Readytex Art Gallery's collection by visiting Our active Facebook page, which everybody is free to 'like' and explore, offers nice insights to our events and activities and gives visitors a platform to reflect and react to the art, artists and their work. You can also join our mailing list and thus receive regular updates on all the activities of the gallery and the affiliated artists. Request to join at


Please visit

When in Suriname, please visit Readytex Art Gallery where our friendly gallery team will be more than happy to introduce you to our impressive art collection!

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